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Random Song

Once again shuffled and here was the first song!

Love this song, it’s so funky and samples a great song it is

[DL Mp3] Bob Sinclare – Rock This Party (Radio Edit)


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Hobson’s Roll Of Thunder About War!

Today was the day of the English Exam! The xam lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes!!! And I didn’t finish it, shows how slow I am. There were 3 questions on the 3 things we studdied. Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry, Hobson’s Choice and War Poetry. The first part was going great I was answering the question about Hobson’s Choice and didn’t noitced I had less than a hour to write the rest! So I rushed through Roll Of Thunder (Which was awful) and I didn’t finish War Poetry. We then had….. Englsih lol and we just relaxed in the lesson unwinding after the exam, it certainly put a smile on my face because Mrs Gray starting talking about one of the grooviest bands in the world ever The B-52’s and gave me info of them comming to England for a tour during summer. I’m certainly gonna save to buy em

Funky or what?

And we then had I.C.T, Now i don’t need to explain how boring it was (I’m dreading the small party tommorow). Lunch time came and I got to sorting out the Sex And The City trip for next Friday. Tons of girls are going with me and Perry (Who is more of a girl than a boy). I then went with Michelle to sort of the 6th form problem with success and have to go and meet them tommorow for another interview so everything is good there. We ended on Science. Slow Science were we revised for the first 5 minutes and just did nothing else for the rest of the lesson apart from singing classic tracks like “Mercy” from Duffy and “I Want Cany” from Melanie C….. So now once again I’m home again listening to my album today. And todays album is

I’m loving this album at the moment, Speakerphone just blows me away. It’s like a drug, the songs become addictive and each song have a familar Kylie sound, it will make you go “Wow Wow Wow” when holding it in “My Arms” lol. I’m also watching the rest of Ugly Betty on DVD. I’m on Disco 4 and and so excited that it’s comming back the 30th of May!

At the moment I am revising for science as well because tommorow I have my first one (Chemistry), I wish it was Biology cos then I could’ve put the Girls Aloud song on here! Oh well

So that’s enough about you, how are you?

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Answer In Songs!

A fun game. Questions answered with song titles from a certain artist or band. I choose The Sugababes

1.) Are you a male or female? — No Man, No Cry
2.) Describe your self? — Easy (LOL)
3.) Describe your day? — Situation’s Heavy
4.) Describe where you currently live — Follow Me Home
5.) If you could go anywhere, where would you go — Nasty Ghetto
6.) Your best friend is — Maya
7.) Your favorite color is — My Love Is Pink
8.) You know that — It Ain’t Easy
9.) What’s the weather like? — Run For Cover
10.) If your life was a television show, what would it be called? — Back When
11.) What is life to you? — Change
12.) What is the best advice you have to give? — Gotta Be You
13.) Describe your ex? — Hole In The Head
14.) Your current relationship status? — Virgin Sexy (lol)
15.) What’s your favorite hobby? — Round Round
16.) When you think of your friends? — Mended By You
17.) What do your friends think of you? — About You Now
18.) What does your current love interest think of you? — Undignified
19.) You always travel with? — Red Dress (Lol)
20.) The best way to end a long day? — Freak Like Me
21.) Your occupation is? — Someone In My Bed (LMAO)
22.) When you grow up, you want to? — Push The Button (Lol)
23.) What does your family think of you? — Ugly (LOL)
24.) Your favorite food is? — 3 Spoons Of Suga
25.) You want to be remembered as? — About You Now

Love things like that, if u have any other quizes like this let me know.

Now im off to get some gold old fashioned sleep… And I leave you with a song that didn’t make the answers

Sugababaes – Too Lost In You

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A Random Song!

Put It On Shuffle! Pick The First One and Post It (That’s It) I’m getting stuck for reasons on posting songs on this blog so here is a brand new idea! A Random song for each day! It could be a live song, remix, b side, album track or just a normal single! So let me just randomise…..

[DL Mp3] Britney Spears feat. Madonna – Me Against The Music (Peter Rauhofer Radio Mix)

A great way to kick of today’s random song! love this remix

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Terrorist Teacher!

I’ve been inspired to write about the terrorist teacher of my ICT class Mr Sarwar. He came to our school last year and teaches my for ICT, he’s anoying, fat, not funny and i’d rather be friends with the crazy frog than him. He laughs at everything even when someone is shouting or moaining at them get them pissed of and not happy to work, he also then anoys everyone by not marking or giving a fuck about the work we were doing and for the ones he does do he always said it needs “imporving” which is bollocks cos i think everyones look great (that blind twat). Me, Tanya & Chris are the unlucky ones because we are the closest to the guy and tries to communicate to use by making a joke and it’s not funny this picture underneath is funnier than him

Thanks To Tanya for giving me inspiration and the image at the top isnt him (although I wish he would blow up lmao)

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A Album A Day Keeps Throwns Away…

Day 2 of the blog and it seems to be working well! So now this is where my talk and boring stuff happens!

Seriously though I’ve had a bit of a slow day (Mind you it’s a monday and everyone hates Monday). To kick things of I had a Maths exam, that wasn’t to bad actually because it was pretty easy, but it got silly when my mind voice was the same voice as Sarah Jessica Parkers (I know freakin stupid) but seriously after finishing the exam my mind narrated my every thought and movement like in “Sex And The City”

Sarah is the one the Green (just to let you know). So after a maths exam everything started to slow down abit, English, Science and ICT dragged on forever and ever. The only highlight of the school day was having a convosation with Tanya about how anoying little year 7’s are, they think they know everything but “they don’t even have any pubes” wise words from Tanya lol. Arriving home I put the first Disc on Ugly Betty on and is currently listening to Geri Halliwell’s first album (You could hardly tell I was gay could you lol) and my spirits have sored once again thanks to the poppyness of Geri

And the colourful and funny America Ferrar (Betty from Ugly Betty)

(So bitch).

I then came up with the idea that a album a day can make you feel better and would help sort out what you want and what you don’t want in your music library (check my Last.FM account to see what I’m currently listening to). It’s probably gonna be hard to think of a album for Tuesday though.

I think that’s enough about me, how are you?lol

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Did You Know!

I’m probably gonna sound so stupid for saying this but,

Did you know that if you buy a copy of the Sugababes album “Change” it will give you a free mp3 of a remix of “About You Now”. It’s called the Wolf Remix and is amazing!

Go out and buy it now, it certainly is one of there best albums ever plus not forget the free remix lol

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Why I Love Pop Music

Even though it’s my first day on this blog but I have an Idea of a chain of posts!! “Why I Love Pop Music” is basicaly reasons for me to dig out old or the best pop songs ever made and make a reason out of them so lets start of shall we with


Yes, a year that will stick inside my mind forever, 1999 was filled with the best pop tracks form all over the world, rock was dead, R&B was just begining to crack open again and dance only came from countries we’ve never heard of. But that year was dedicated to the world of pop. Spears, Aguilera and Lopez burst on to the diva scene with cute & innocent tracks like this:

Shania Back In The Day

The groovy mommy that was Madonna gave us a 70’s throw back with “Beautiful Stranger” and Country was reborn thanks to Shania Twain with her fusion of Pop/Country

Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much (Live At TOTPs)

So as a celebration here is a goodie back of hot tracks from 99

[DL Mp3] Geri Halliwell – Look At Me

[DL Mp3] Britney Spears – Crazy

[DL Mp3] Jennifer Lopez – If You Had My Love

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I Like This Part

Surfing The Youtube Site I Came Across This Extrememly Hot Remix Of Britney’s Single “Break The Ice”. Jason Nevins Can Make A Great Song Even Greater Can’t He! He Works Alot On Kelly Clarkson’s Songs! I’ve been looking for a HQ mp3 version but no luck so far, Oh well

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Fan Freakin Tastic

So a blog! This’ll be fun!

I’m Adam, and i got inspired to do a blog because everyone seems to be doing it and like everyone else I didn’t want to be left outside because then no one would like me.  The blog I have no idea what to post about but maybe a mix of everything going on with me, entertainment, music and tele. It certainly will be fun and it starts on the Lords days (Sunday) (Today) so I can post alot today….. And so it starts with a big bang

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang

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